Queue fanfare, drumroll... My first article was published recently and I'm now officially a (paid) writer!

I had the honor of joining the team of writers at RealPython and will be writing even more articles about the Python programming language.

The article I wrote (and future articles) will be mostly tutorials with a casual writing style. The idea is that the writing should come across as if a friend was explaining a concept to you, as opposed to a monotonous technical document.

My first article is about a tool that can be used with Python to help manage dependancies. 

Pipenv: A Guide to the New Python Packaging Tool

Writing this was a great opportunity for me to focus my effort to produce something less stream-of-consciousness (like this blog) and more substantial. I've already begun outlining my next article.

P.S. I haven't forgotten about Pip Rogers, Episode 2 is set to drop by the end of the month.