Technical Writing Update

I recently got the amazing opportunity to write a technical article for a fairly prominent Python website called RealPython! I'm currently going back and forth to get things ironed out and presentable but the article should be up on the site fairly soon. I might break my bi-weekly posting habit to link to that article whenever it gets published (bonus post)!

The article itself is a fairly comprehensive guide for a new Python packaging tool called Pipenv. I've been a fan of Dan Bader for some time (he has a Python Tricks email subscription where you get neat little Python snippets every once in a while) and he recently asked for people interested in writing articles about Python for the RealPython site. Naturally, it seemed like a perfect fit for me. I love writing, I love Python, and I really enjoy trying to help people.

I still have a lot to learn (about everything really), and I'm by no means an expert, but if I can help at least a few people understand something better, I'd feel pretty good.

Creative Writing Update

I try to be diligent about doing pomodoros for my work (I use KanbanFlow for estimating and tracking effort). However, I don't always sit down and dedicate a true pomodoro of effort (I'm distracted, don't work for a solid 25 minutes, etc). Also, I didn't estimate some stuff (music related) but I will try to be more diligent going forward.

Anyway, I have updates on tasks related to writing Grand Adventures of Pip Rogers (see table below):

Task Progress  Hour Estimate   Actual 
 Outline for Season 1 (6 Ep.'s) Done! - -
 1st Song for Soundtrack Done! - -
 Rough Draft of Ep. 1 Done! 3.0 3.0
 1st Edit Pass (Ep. 1)  In progress...  1.5 -
 Sent to Reviewers (Ep. 1) TODO 0.5 -
 2nd Edit Pass (Ep. 1) TODO 2 -
 Convert Ep. 1 to Post w/ Music  TODO 1.5 -
 Published on Blog (Ep. 1) TODO -


I hit the nail on the head estimating effort for the rough draft, so we'll see about these other tasks. I will note that it doesn't seem like a lot of time but pomodoros are fully-dedicated, no-distractions, 25-minute blocks of time and you get a lot more accomplished than you think in that time. I'm also not including effort related to world building, idea drafting, and other miscellaneous background tasks related to writing the episodes.

The goal is still to get the first episode published this month. Stay tuned.