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This site used to be powered by the Python web framework Django, now I use Flask. I'm deploying the code with fancy, "serverless" technology by Google called App Engine.

The transition from Django to Flask was an enlightening process.


  • Django -> Flask
    • Python Web Frameworks
  • Python
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
    • Bootstrap
  • JS
  • Google App Engine
  • Circle CI
  • git
  • Disqus
    • Comment threads for blog posts


The endeavor to create my own website started right after college. However, I wasn't very knowledgeable about web programming. I never had any college courses covering web development, though I did take a networking class covering the internet layers at some point. Anyway, point is, I wanted to expand my knowledge, venture into the unknown, and seek out new life and new civilizations1.

I ended up taking an introductory course on web development on Coursera and decided to build my website up from scratch using a Python-based web framework (cuz I was diggin' Python at the time... and still am, to be honest). I had previously hacked together a website using ASP.NET MVC 5, though it wasn't the prettiest thing.

I decided to start from scratch for this new site and apply what I learned in my Coursera course (and a few other books I had read about design and usability).

Years later, I learned of Flask and it grew on me. I transitioned my Django site into Flask, rewriting large portions of it.

This site is a labor of love for me, I expect to continue to work on different aspects of it going forward.

1 This is a nerdy Star Trek reference. Just wanted to clarify for the uninitiated


  • If you're seeing this, at least the site is live... and hopefully functions well and doesn't look terrible
  • Blog posts released on a regular basis using this site
    • Mostly programming related
  • Took initiative to use my free time to further develop my programming skills
  • Applied knowledge to create a fully-functional website

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